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 C League.  Ages:  7-8 year olds.  Must turn 7 years old on or before October 1st, and may not turn 9 on or before October 1st
B League.  Ages:  9-10 year olds.  Must turn 9 years old on or before October 1st, and may not turn 11  on or before October 1st
A League.  Ages: 11-13 year olds.  Must turn 11 years old on or before October 1st, and may not turn 14 on or before October 1st.

Weight Limit                        

  • C League.  A player in excess of 85 pounds (1 stripe on helmet) may not advance the ball.  A player in excess of 105 pounds (2 stripes on helmet) must play on the offensive and defensive lines from tackle to tackle (ie. cannot play end).


  • B League.  A player in excess of 105 pounds (1 stripe on helmet) may not advance the ball.  A player in excess of 140 pounds (2 stripes on helmet) must play on the offensive and defensive lines from tackle to tackle (ie. cannot play end).


  • A League.  A player in excess of 140 pounds (1 stripe on helmet) may not advance the ball.  A player in excess of 170 pounds (2 stripes on helmet) must play on the offensive and defensive lines from tackle to tackle (ie. cannot play end).


All backs, wide receivers and tight ends must be under the weight limit to advance the ball.  No one over the weight limit (orange stripe on helmet) can line up in positions of running back, quarterback or receivers (wide receivers, wing backs, flankers, etc.) . 

TE EXCEPTION: A player with one-stripe may line up at tight-end.  This player may go downfield on running plays in order to block.  However, one-stripe tight-ends may not go downfield on passing plays.  Additionally, if they touch thrown balls, they will be penalized for an illegal touch.  Tight-ends with no stripes can be involved in the passing game.

Two Stripes: A player with two-stripes may not play TE, and may not defensively align themselves off of a TE.  They must play from tackle to tackle, on both sides.

Penalty for any misalignment:  personal foul - 15 yd. penalty.


  Weigh-Ins.  There will be one central weigh-in, for all players, conducted by the Recreation Department.  Shirt, shorts, and socks must be worn on the scale.  If a player does not weigh-in at the scheduled time, they will have to sit out the first game of the season.   


Conditioning, Length & Amount of Practices

  • Each child must have 3 days of conditioning (helmet only) before practicing in full equipment. 

  • Each practice may be a maximum of 1 ½ hours long.

  • Each team may have up to 4 events per week.  A game, practice, or scrimmage will count as an event.  Only 3 events may be full pad practices.  Typical pre-season practice after the 3 conditioning days will be 3 days of full pads, 1 day helmet only.


  • The responsibility of determining whether teams combine or divide rests with the Recreation Department.  As a general rule, if a team is larger than 34 players, they will be divided into two teams.  Extenuating circumstances may affect the application of the aforementioned rule. 


  •   Official Rules.  Games will be played in accordance with VHSL rules (as governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations), except when in conflict with these by-laws.


  • Coaches.  There can be only 1 Head Coach and 5 Assistant coaches on the sideline per game. You may have more assistants at practice, but only 5 are allowed on the field during the game.  However, ALL assistants must be certified by NYSCA. 

In C League, 3 coaches from each team will be allowed on the field in either the offensive or defensive backfields.  Coaches are not allowed to interfere with the play of the game and can give verbal instruction only (penalty=15 yd).


  •   Quarter LengthA League:  Eight (8) minute quarters.  B League: Seven (7) minute quarters.  C League:  No quarters; two thirty (30) minute halves.  The clock will run continuously and will only stop for injuries, time-outs, and change of possession.  Once the ball is set ready for play, the clock will restart after a change of possession.


  •   Halftime/Game Breaks.  Each team will be allowed ten (10) minutes between halves.   Teams playing in a following game should be ready to play directly after the prior game’s teams have left the field.


  • Scoring.  Score will be maintained in A & B League. 

                 No score will be kept in C League.


  • Mercy Rule.  The Mercy Rule will be in effect in A & B League games in order keep the margin on the scoreboard respectable to both teams.  If, at any time, a team is leading by 24 points or more, the mercy rule will take effect.  The trailing team will take possession on the 10 yard line going in, 1st and goal.  If the trailing team fails to score, or if the differential remains in excess of 24, the leading team will begin its possession(s), at the 10 yard line going out, 1st and 10.  If the trailing team is able to reduce the margin to under 24, normal play resumes.


  • Time-Outs.  In A & B League, each team is allowed three (3) timeouts per half.            In C League, each team is allowed one (1) timeout per half.


  • Kicking/Punting.  Kickoffs are attempted from the kicking teams 40 yd. line in all leagues.



  • Kickoffs:  There is no live kickoff in C League.  The kicking team will line up and kick the ball from their own 40 yd. line without covering the kick.  The receiving team will take possession where they catch or recover the kick, or where it comes to rest without being touched.  If the ball is batted away from the kicking teams goal-line, they will take possession at first touch.
  • Punting:  If a team wishes to ‘punt’, the ball will be moved forward from that spot 30 yards downfield.  Just instruct the official of your intention.

Points After Touchdown (PAT):  The offensive team can attempt to advance the ball from the 3 yd. line by a live run or pass, or by a non-live kick.  There will be no points awarded in C League.


B LEAGUE:  On any kick or punt, the defense cannot rush the kick, but are allowed to raise their arms.  No fakes are allowed during punting or attempting field goals/PAT.  On kickoffs, the kicking team may attempt an onside kick, but the ball must travel 10 yards before being touched by the kicking team.  The weight limit does not apply to kickers/punters since they may not advance the ball. 

  • Punting: A punt can be attempted on any down.  The punter must get the punt off in a reasonable amount of time (as deemed by the referee).  There may be no rush by the defense, no coverage by the kicking team, and no return from the receiving team.  The receiving team may fair-catch a punt.  The whistle will be blown and the ball spotted where it comes to rest or where it goes out of bounds.
  • Points After Touchdown (PAT): The offensive team can score one (1) point after touchdown if they successfully advance the ball from the three yard line into the endzone.  The offensive team can elect to kick the PAT, and if successful, will score two (2) points. 
  • Field Goals:  The offensive team may kick a field goal on any down.  If successful, the kicking team will score three (3) points.


FG/PAT and kickoffs in A league are the same as in B League.  However, punting in A League will be live.  Thus, blocks, returns, and fakes are allowed in A League.  If the punter has a stripe, he may only kick the ball; no fakes.


  • Playing Time Requirement.  Every child will play two successive plays per quarter. Players will be inserted or removed at the coach’s discretion.  In C League, the goal is to divide playing time as equally as possible. 
  • Schedule.  All games will be played in accordance with the league schedule, except when postponed by Alleghany County Parks & Recreation.
  • Game Balls.  9U League:  Pee Wee Size. 11U League: Junior Size.  13U League: Youth Size.


·         C League Special Rules and Defensive Alignment

Coaches on Field:  For the first two games of the year, coaches will be allowed on the field.  After the first two games, coaches will be on the sideline.

Defensive Alignment:  A maximum of five (5) defensive lineman.  Linebackers must remain 3 yards off the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped (penalty=5 yd).

No defensive lineman may align themselves on the center.



  • Issuing Equipment.  There will be designated days and times for which football equipment will be issued.  Each team will be given a day to pick up their equipment, and this will rotate from year-to-year.

  • FootwearOnly tennis shoes, basketball shoes, rubber cleats, or plastic cleats will be considered legal footwear.

  • Helmet.  Each child shall be required to wear a helmet that is specified “NOC-SAE”.  No stickers shall be adhered to the helmets.  Failure to comply with this request may result in the parent’s purchase of the helmet in question.

  • Game Jerseys.  Jerseys are for league contests ONLY!  Exceptions:  jersey may be worn on game day to school or to high school games.  Do not wear to practice.  Players must wear jerseys provided by the Recreation Department.


  • Coach’s Responsibility.  Coaches are responsible for all articles of equipment distributed to his/her team and its members that are not accounted for. 

  • Parent’s Responsibility.  All equipment will be returned to the Recreation Office following the child’s last game, or the parents will be billed for the replacement value of all articles not returned.  No child will be allowed further participation in our programs if these conditions are not met.



·         General.  There will be four (4) officials assigned per game when available.

·         No Refusal Policy.  No coach or team has the right to refuse to play under any designated official.

·         Communicating with Officials.  Only the Head Coach can talk to a referee.


Awards & Super Bowl

There will be no trophies given for regular season 1st and 2nd place.  However, there will be awards given in the Super Bowl for football players and cheerleaders.

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