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Flag Football



  • Ages:  5-7 year olds.  Must turn 5 years old on or before October 1st and may not turn 8 on or before October 1st.


  • The number of practices and their location will be determined by the Head Coach.


  • The responsibility of determining whether teams combine or divide rests with the Recreation Department.  As a general rule, if a team is larger than 16 players, they will be divided into two teams.  Extenuating circumstances may affect the application of the aforementioned rule. 


  • Playing Field.  The playing field is 50 yards in length and 80 feet in width.  There will be line marks every ten (10) yards, in order to determine 1st downs.  Also, there will be a line placed three yards from the goal line from which points after touchdowns are attempted.


  • Scoring.  In Youth Flag Football, no score will be kept.  The goal of this league is to teach the fundamentals of the game of football, in a minimal contact setting.
  • Referees.  Since maintaining score is not the object of this league, one coach from each team will act as the referees.


  • Game Length.  The game is comprised of two twenty (20) minutes halves.  The clock runs continuously.  The clock will stop on plays going out-of-bounds, on incomplete passes, and during the assessment of penalties.  There will be a five (5) minute intermission between halves.


  • Timeouts.  Each team will be allowed two (2) timeouts each half.  Each timeout is of a two minute duration.


  • Number of players on field.  Seven (7) players on the field for each team at one time.  Four (4) players must be on the line of scrimmage.


  • Kickoffs.  There are NO kickoffs.  Each team starts every possession from their own 10 yard line.


  • Tackling.  No tackling is allowed.  1st offense, 10 yard penalty.  2nd offense, out the rest of the game.  Play can only be stopped by grasping and tearing off the opposing teams flag belt

  • Coach on the Field.  In addition to the coaches who are referees, there may be one coach in the backfield during the huddle, offensive or defensive.


  • Blocking.  There is no actual blocking.  Instead, players that stay behind the line of scrimmage must “screen off” the defensive player’s advancement.  Yet, the offensive player is allowed to use his/her hands to “catch” the advancement of defensive players. 


  • First Downs.  Teams have four (4) downs to advance to the next line.  If the team does not advance to the next line, the ball is turned over to the opposing team.


  • Punting.  Punting is allowed, but it MUST be announced.  A team may not fake a punt, and the defensive team is not allowed to rush the punt.


  • Fumbles.  There are no fumbles.  The play is immediately marked dead at the spot where the ball is fumbled (where possession is lost).  No team can gain yardage by way of a fumble.


  • Eligible Receivers.  Every offensive player is an eligible receiver.


  • Defensive Rush.  Two defensive players, starting five yards off the line of scrimmage, may rush the QB.  However if they do so, the QB may run.  Until the defense rushes, the QB cannot run the football.


  • Hiking the Ball.  The ball can be centered through one’s legs, or from the side.  The ball can be centered to anyone in the backfield.


  • Players in Motion.  Only one player may be in motion, on the offensive team, before the ball is snapped.  This player must be moving parallel to the line of scrimmage, or it will be an illegal procedure on the offensive team.


  • Point after Touchdown.  The PAT or Extra Point will be attempted from the three (3) yard line.


  • Cleats.  Cleats may be worn, but no metal cleats are allowed.


  • Jewelry.  For safety reasons, no jewelry please.

  • Pads.  No pads of any sort may be worn.

  • Mouth Guards.  Mouth guards or pieces may be worn.

Additional Penalties

  • False Start on Offense, Off Sides on Defense. (5 yards)

  • Pass Interference on both offensive and Defensive players. (10 yards)

  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct-Fighting, Cursing, or Tackling. (10 yards)

  • Blocking/Holding (offensive or defensive) (5 yards from original line of scrimmage)

  • Shielding Flags with hands or arms(5 yards from the spot of the offense)

  • Rushing a Punt (5 yards)

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