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Teen League Basketball




  • Ages:  13-15 year olds.  Must turn 14 on or before October 1st, and may not turn 16 on or before October 1st.



  • There will be an Alleghany East area draft, an Alleghany West area draft, a draft for the City of Covington, and a draft for Bath County.  The Alleghany East area is comprised of all domiciles east of Island Ford Bridge.  The Alleghany West area is comprised of all domiciles west of Island Ford Bridge. 



  • Practices will be scheduled by the corresponding Parks & Recreation Department for your area.



  • The responsibility of determining whether teams combine or divide rests with the Recreation Department.  As a general rule, if a team has more than 12 players, they will be divided into two teams.  The optimal team size is 7-8 players.  Extenuating circumstances may affect the application of the aforementioned rule.



  • Official Rules.  Games will be played in accordance with VHSL rules (as governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations), except when in conflict with these by-laws.


  • Players to Start a Game.  Teams must have 5 players in order to begin a game.


  • Coaches.  There can be only 1 Head Coach and 2 assistant coaches on the bench.  ALL coaches must be certified by NYSCA.  The Head Coach is the only one allowed to stand in the coach’s box.  At no time should a coach block the view of the scorekeeper during the play of the game.


  • Quarter Length.  Each game will consist of four 7 minute quarters.


  • Quarter/Halftime/Game Breaks.  One (1) minute break between quarters.  Five (5) minute break between halves.  Ten (10) minute break between games.


  • Overtime Procedures.  If the score remains tied after four quarters of play, all players will receive a three (3) minute break before beginning the overtime period.  The overtime period will be three (3) minutes in length.  Each team will be given an additional 30 second time-out.  If the score remains tied after the overtime period, there will be an additional period played.  Each successive overtime period, after the first, will be of one (1) minute duration.  Each team will receive one time-out per overtime period played.  This procedure will continue until there is a victor.
  • Time-Outs.  Each team is allotted four (4) 30-second time-outs each game. 
  • Lopsided Scores.  If a team leads by 20 points the leading team must change their game plan without embarrassing the other team.  The leading team cannot press in the back-court.  PENALTY: 1st offense for embarrassing an opponent–the coach will receive a warning letter.  2nd offense–the coach will be suspended a game.


  • Official Book.  The score entered into the scorebook is the only official account.  Any disputes concerning the score should be addressed to the referee or qualified Recreation Personnel that night.


  •  Playing Requirement. At a minimum, each player must play a quarter in it’s entirety.  Portions of consecutive quarters does not satisfy this requirement.  A failure to observe this requirement will result in forfeiture of games in which this requirement has not been observed.


  •   Schedule.  All games will be played in accordance with the league schedule, except when postponed by Alleghany County Parks & Recreation.


  • Game Balls.  Balls will be provided to each coach by the Recreation Department.  Teen League will use the official size (29.5”) basketball.


  • Jewelry.  There shall be NO jewelry worn by players during warm-ups and/or games.  Hard objects worn in the hair are considered jewelry and are thus not allowed.



  • FootwearOnly soft soled shoes will be considered legal footwear.
  • Game Jerseys.  Jerseys are for league contests ONLY!  Exceptions:  jersey may be worn on game day to school.  Do not wear to practice.  Players must wear jerseys provided by the Recreation Department.
  • Coach’s Responsibility.  Coaches are responsible for all articles of equipment distributed to his/her team and its members that are not accounted for. 
  • Parent’s Responsibility.  All equipment will be returned to the Recreation Office following the player’s last game, or the parents will be billed for the replacement value of all articles not returned. 



  • General.  There will be two (2) officials assigned per game (when available).
  • No Refusal Policy.  No coach or team has the right to refuse to play under any designated official.
  • Communicating with Officials.  Only the Head Coach can talk to a referee.

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