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Youth Volleyball

 Youth Volleyball Bylaws:


1.                  League to follow VHSL rules.  ***Rally Rules (see below)

2.                  Best 2 out of 3 matches determines match winner. First team to 20 wins (must be by 2 points) 

       Match 3 to 15  (win by 2).


3.                  ***Rally Rules:        3 games

Game 1 & 2 play to 20 win by 2 points

Game 3        play to 15 win by 2 points


4.                  Only a coach can question an officials ruling

5.                  If lack six players, then must play with number present


6.                  If ball hits top of net then goes over on serve/volley it is a good ball.


7.                  We will allow free substitution in order to get everyone ample play time.  I do request that you NOT take advantage and substitute around your serve, sub after player has served.  Use the free substitution to get players ample play time only.


8.                  Please respect our officials.  Should you have concerns regarding our officials, please call me.

DO NOT challenge the officials.  Accept the call.


9.                  Time Limit on serve – B League – 8 seconds ……………..A League – 5 seconds


10.              Player serving can not catch ball when serving.  Ball must hit floor and only one hit per rotation.


11.              B – League serve line 10 ft.  from court layout (tape line will identify)

A – League – assist serve line 7 ft. from court layout (tape line will identify)


12.              A League assist line – must be in front of regulation line if using assist line


13.              If foot touches serve line this is a violation


14.              3 time outs per game – 60 seconds each


15.              Ball hits net antenna – out of play


16.              DO NOT take game ball to huddle


17.              Players are required to wear same color shirt ………… Shirts must be tucked in.

18.              NO PRACTICE – NO PLAY.  You as a player have made the commitment to the girls youth volleyball

program.  When you are absent, you will let your team down as both a player and team morale.

19.              NO FOOD IN GYM AREA.   No glass or metal containers permitted in gym area. 

Plastic containers with lids are permitted.  Dispose of properly when container is empty.


20          No jewelry, no plastic or metal clips in hair.


21.              Coaches and players are expected to conduct themselves in a very sportsmanlike manner.  We encourage each

   team to cheer one another on.  This league is not about winning or losing.


22.              No cheering while other team is serving.


23.              Covington, Alleghany and Clifton Forge Recreation Departments are not responsible for injuries and/or

   personal items.

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