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Teen League Volleyball





  • Ages:  13-15 year olds.  Must turn 13 on or before October 1st, and may not turn 16 on or before October 1st.



  • There will be an Alleghany East area draft, an Alleghany West area draft, a draft for the City of Covington, and a draft for Bath County.  The Alleghany East area is comprised of all domiciles east of Island Ford Bridge.  The Alleghany West area is comprised of all domiciles west of Island Ford Bridge. 



  • Practices will be scheduled by the corresponding Parks & Recreation Department for your area.



  • The responsibility of determining whether teams combine or divide rests with the Recreation Department.  The optimal team size is 8 players. 



  • Official Rules.  Games will be played in accordance with VHSL rules (as governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations), except when in conflict with these by-laws.


  • Matches.  Each match shall consist of the best two-out-of-three games.  The first team to win two games shall be the winner.  The third game may be played if time permits    


  • Games.  The games shall be 25 points (no cap), and a team must win by two points.


  • Players to Start a Game.  A game will start with a maximum of 6 players.  There is no minimum player requirement.  Teams will be allowed to play with the amount present.


  • Coaches.  There can be only 1 Head Coach and 2 assistant coaches on the bench.  ALL coaches must be certified by NYSCA.  The Head Coach is the only one allowed to stand in the coach’s box.  At no time should a coach block the view of the scorekeeper during the play of the game.


  • Scoring.  Rally Scoring will be used.  A point shall be scored by the opponent each time a team commits a fault.  If the serving team wins the rally, it scores a point and continues to serve.  If the receiving team wins the rally, it scores a point and gains the serve.  Each time a team gains the serve, it must rotate one position clockwise before serving.


  • Playing Requirement.  The goal of Teen League is to maximize playing time for each player.  Each coach is encouraged to provide equal playing time amongst all team members in good standing. 

  • Substitutions.  A player on the bench may be substituted for any player except those occupying positions 1 & 6 (The server and the position prior to serve). 


  • Serving.  All serves must take place from the serving area, which is 30 feet wide and is behind and excluding the end line.


  • Overhead Obstructions.  When a serve strikes an overhead obstruction, the referee may allow 1 re-serve.  All other playable overhead obstruction rules apply.


  • Libero.  The Libero position will not be recognized in Teen League.


  • Time-Outs.  Each team is allowed three timeouts per match.



  • FootwearOnly soft soled shoes will be considered legal footwear.
  • Game Jerseys.  Jerseys are for league contests ONLY!  Exceptions:  jersey may be worn on game day to school.  Do not wear to practice.  Players must wear jerseys provided by the Recreation Department.


  • Coach’s Responsibility.  Coaches are responsible for all articles of equipment distributed to his/her team and its members that are not accounted for. 


  • Parent’s Responsibility.  All equipment will be returned to the Recreation Office following the player’s last game, or the parents will be billed for the replacement value of all articles not returned. 



  •   General.  There will be one officials assigned per game and will be positioned in the judges stand.
  • No Refusal Policy.  No coach or team has the right to refuse to play under any designated official.
  • Communicating with Officials.  Only the Head Coach can talk to a referee.

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